MMM wideband multifrequency sonic and ultrasonic technology for welding cleaning liquid processing metallurgy metal forming and sonochemistry
MMM, Wideband Multifrequency Technology

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Atmospheric-Plasma-60kW13 Nov 2013
Heat-Exchangers-Descaling26 Sep 2020
Modern Ultrasonic Welding06 Oct 2020
Stress-Relief04 Mar 2022
big_and_thick_masses_agitation07 Mar 2024
defoaming21 Aug 2008
different_mmm_applications17 Jan 2017
electroplating-mmm-sonication04 Oct 2007
liquids_processing11 Oct 2020
machining-drawing-extruding-cutting29 Apr 2021
mmm_atomizing16 Jun 2022
mmm_cleaning20 Nov 2020
ndt01 Mar 2004
non-contact-ultrasonic-agitation23 Mar 2007
powders-sieving22 Sep 2008
projects-proposals-and-know-how-transfer11 Dec 2020
seeds-processing20 Apr 2005
signal_processing_applications30 Sep 2015
ultrasonic_metallurgy16 Feb 2024
wells-channels-reservoirs-cleaning30 Jul 2010
Descaling+Stress Relief21 Nov 2022
Clamp-On technology17 Feb 2022
Vibrating-Wires-Tubes-Plates06 Dec 2023
mpi-lab-pictures07 Apr 2022
MASSAGER18 Aug 2022
20_khz_3kw.pdf122.7 Kb11 Feb 2007
acoustic-inspection.pdf1.9 Mb01 Oct 2009
lf-ultrasonic-revival.zip83 Mb01 Apr 2018
mmm-challenging.zip46.3 Mb05 Dec 2008
mmm-extended-list-of-applications.pdf87 Kb13 Dec 2005
mmm-ultrasonic-grinding-and-dressing.pdf3.2 Mb01 Oct 2009
mpi-patents+papers.pdf36.1 Kb01 Oct 2009
sonochemical reactors.pdf574.9 Kb31 Jan 2010
tubular-wideband.zip8.1 Mb18 Jul 2009
tubular_clamp_on_reactors.pdf9.7 Mb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic aluminum-processor-2.pdf624 Kb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic extractions and liquids processing.pdf27.8 Mb05 Jan 2010
ultrasonic-assisted grinding of soft steel.pdf591.2 Kb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic-extruder.pdf447.2 Kb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic-fluids-rotation-mmm.zip299.2 Mb04 Jul 2009
ultrasonically assisted plastic mixing and extrussion.pdf128.2 Kb01 Oct 2009
accelerated testing.pdf470.1 Kb05 Dec 2016
applications-petrochemical-domain.pdf70 Kb23 Jun 2010
clamp-on reactors-design-examples.pdf2.7 Mb21 Sep 2010
continuous casting (1).pdf14.1 Mb08 Dec 2014
high-tech-projects-list.pdf587.4 Kb11 May 2017
high-tech-projects-list-short.pdf345.3 Kb11 May 2017
hpu application topics march 2014.pdf316 Kb10 Mar 2014
mmm stress relief technology.pdf324.3 Kb17 Jan 2017
mmm ultrasonic stress relief.pdf1.9 Mb05 Dec 2016
mmm_basics_presentation.pdf1.3 Mb07 May 2006
mpi-basics.pdf336.8 Kb17 Jan 2017
ultrasonic alloys processing-resume.pdf1.9 Mb17 Nov 2015
ultrasonic-stress-relief.pdf253 Kb07 Feb 2009
o&g pipeline cleaning.pdf313.4 Kb09 May 2017
ultrasonic liquids processing related to descaling and cleaning applications.pdf181 Kb08 May 2017
facts about mmm technology.pdf258.7 Kb12 May 2017
mmm technology explanations.pdf3 Mb12 May 2017
Ultrasonic nano-particles creation.zip212.6 Mb20 Dec 2018
High-Tech-projects-list.pdf287.5 Kb09 Dec 2020

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