MMM wideband multifrequency sonic and ultrasonic technology for welding cleaning liquid processing metallurgy metal forming and sonochemistry
MMM, Wideband Multifrequency Technology

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mmm-machining07 May 2006
mmm-metals-softening-and-cutting24 Jul 2012
mmm-wires and tubes drawing-extruding15 Aug 2020
selected-cutting-examples16 Jul 2012
Extruder-Selected28 Oct 2021
2009-lauwers-mttrf-machiningofceramicsandecologicalsteelsusingamillturncentreequippedwithanultrasonicassistedtoolingsystem.pdf1.2 Mb26 Jul 2010
Vibrating-platform-for-ultrasonic-machining.zip82.9 Mb19 Dec 2014
drawing-machining-extrusion.pdf1.5 Mb19 Feb 2004
extruder-example.avi14.2 Mb05 May 2009
extrusion-drawing-machining.zip7.3 Mb20 Aug 2008
film-extruder-selected.zip36.2 Mb30 Oct 2008
manuelutilisationmachine-hpm1000-060201.pdf640 Kb05 Feb 2006
mmm cutting in action.pdf147.6 Mb25 Oct 2004
mmm-cutting-presentation.pdf160.8 Mb08 May 2008
mmm-cutting-system-10-inch-blade-20khz.pdf29.2 Mb17 Nov 2008
mmm-ultrasonic-extrusion-drawing-metals treatment.pdf515.9 Kb19 Jan 2005
multifrequency-ultrasonic-cutting.pdf13.2 Mb03 Feb 2004
ultrasonically assisted plastic mixing and extrussion.pdf128.2 Kb05 Jan 2011
ultrasonically-assisted-polymers-blending.pdf2.3 Mb05 Sep 2006

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