MMM wideband multifrequency sonic and ultrasonic technology for welding cleaning liquid processing metallurgy metal forming and sonochemistry
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Selected-Extractions07 Dec 2021
Precious metals-extraction17 May 2022
CD DIG-MAZ 10 bis 200004 Mar 2022
EDEN-Labs-extractions04 Mar 2022
Extraction_Sonoreactor.zip1.5 Gb01 Aug 2020
Liposomes-MPI-sonicator.zip115 Mb01 Aug 2020
Maluckov, 2017,Tehnika.pdf334.6 Kb01 Apr 2020
SONOREACTORS.ZIP828.2 Mb01 Aug 2020
RED MUD.pdf3.1 Mb27 May 2014
Liposomes-Reactor.pdf4.5 Mb06 Oct 2020
High-Tech-projects-list.pdf269.8 Kb09 Jul 2020
Cavitus September 2010.PDF1.6 Mb06 Oct 2010
1565089261790.JPEG339.6 Kb08 Aug 2019
1565089279461.JPEG372 Kb08 Aug 2019
20190627_113440.mp41.8 Mb08 Aug 2019
VID-20190723-WA0007.mp45.5 Mb08 Aug 2019
1565089087133.JPEG403.9 Kb06 Aug 2019
MMM Uniform Cavitation.pptx291.2 Mb06 Aug 2019
20190627_113547.jpg4.5 Mb28 Jun 2019
20190627_113505.jpg3.9 Mb28 Jun 2019
Extraction Reactor Design.pdf192.8 Kb30 May 2019
20190320_105747.jpg2.9 Mb20 Mar 2019
20190320_124158.mp414.1 Mb20 Mar 2019
MMM-Super-Cavitation-5.mp421.3 Mb11 Feb 2019
MMM-Super-Cavitation-4.mp421.3 Mb11 Feb 2019
MMM-Super-Cavitation-3.mp426.2 Mb11 Feb 2019
MMM-Super-Cavitation-1.mp424.6 Mb11 Feb 2019
MMM-Super-Cavitation-2.mp412.3 Mb11 Feb 2019
VID-20190110-WA0001.mp46.5 Mb13 Jan 2019
VID-20190110-WA0000.mp47.7 Mb13 Jan 2019
SonoReactors.pdf9.6 Mb08 Apr 2018
Sonorods for Extraction_Version1.0.pdf1 Mb08 Apr 2018
Experimental_Results_Validation.pdf7.4 Mb08 Apr 2018
Chamber_For_Production.pdf1.6 Mb08 Apr 2018
Option 6_ 4HWL_Water_Spherical_1.gif2.6 Mb08 Apr 2018
Option 6_ 4HWL_Water_Spherical.gif2.2 Mb08 Apr 2018
Option 4_ 2HWL (Booster 2HWL)_Water_1.gif1.8 Mb08 Apr 2018
Option 3_ 2HWL (Booster 2HWL)_Water_1.gif1.8 Mb08 Apr 2018
Option 2_ 4HWL_Water.gif1.9 Mb08 Apr 2018
Option 1_ 2HWL_Water_1.gif1.9 Mb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_water_inside holes_7.gif2.6 Mb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_water_inside holes_6.gif1.1 Mb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_water_inside holes_5.gif795 Kb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_water_inside holes_4.gif1.1 Mb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_water_inside holes_3.gif1.1 Mb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_water_inside holes_1.gif2.3 Mb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_6HWL.gif272.1 Kb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_5HWL.gif267.4 Kb08 Apr 2018
Waveguide_3HWL.gif391.9 Kb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180322_150006.mp411.1 Mb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180322_145539.mp415.3 Mb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180322_144804.mp430.3 Mb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180322_144835.mp411.3 Mb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180323_104440.mp426.7 Mb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180323_104038.mp468.2 Mb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180323_103910.mp410 Mb08 Apr 2018
VID_20180322_161127.mp416.4 Mb22 Mar 2018
VID_20180322_151921.mp49.1 Mb22 Mar 2018
VID_20180322_151842.mp410.7 Mb22 Mar 2018
Ultrasonic-Extractions-and-Liquids-Processing.pdf27.8 Mb23 Sep 2007
Cu-extraction from waste.docx58.5 Kb31 Mar 2020
Waveguide_water_inside holes_19.gif2.8 Mb28 Jun 2017
Waveguide_water_inside holes.gif2.2 Mb26 Jun 2017
Waveguide_5HWL+water.gif1.8 Mb26 Jun 2017
Waveguide_water_inside holes_13.gif2.6 Mb16 Jun 2017
Waveguide_water_inside holes_12.gif2.8 Mb16 Jun 2017
Waveguide_6.gif324 Kb16 Jun 2017
Waveguide_water_inside holes_8.gif1.1 Mb16 Jun 2017
Waveguide_water_inside holes_9.gif1.1 Mb16 Jun 2017
Waveguide_water_inside holes_7(1).gif759.1 Kb13 Jun 2017
Ultrasonic-Cleaning-technology-transfer-proposal.pdf3.8 Mb03 Jun 2017
Sonorods_Overview-n.pdf799.5 Kb01 Jun 2017
Option 2_4HWL_Water_1.gif1.9 Mb16 Mar 2018
RED MUD.ppt5.4 Mb27 May 2014
Cav2.mp424.6 Mb11 Oct 2020
Cav1.mp426.2 Mb11 Oct 2020
1s-superfast-mmm-cavitation.mp431.4 Mb23 Jul 2020
superfast-mmm-cavitation-1s.mp411.1 Mb23 Jul 2020
Ultrasonic-Extraction.pdf1.7 Mb30 Jan 2020
MMM-technology-info.zip474.7 Mb01 Aug 2020
GREEN.pdf236.5 Kb14 Oct 2011
Well-Operation-Configurations-4HWL-Loaded-20kHz-1500W.pdf4.4 Mb21 Mar 2018
Sonochemical-reactors.pdf574.9 Kb31 Jan 2010
Ultrasonic Extraction.pptx4.1 Mb30 Jan 2020
Otpad_iz_rudarsko-pirometalurske_proizvodnje_bakra.pdf406.7 Kb31 Mar 2020
sonic_oil.ppt413 Kb29 Apr 2011
Mansour-gold-extraction-results.doc33.5 Kb11 Oct 2007
FW Heavy Metal Recovery.htm48.9 Kb12 Mar 2004
FW ultrasonic extraction.htm13.2 Kb26 Mar 2004
FW ultrasonic extraction--.htm13.2 Kb22 Mar 2004
FW ultrasonic extraction-Rosaria-Piseri.htm30.3 Kb22 Mar 2004
Mineral processing.htm8.9 Kb12 Mar 2004
RE Heavy Metal Recovery-Mario.htm22.8 Kb16 Sep 2003
RE ultrasonic extraction.htm29.5 Kb26 Mar 2004
ultrasonic extraction--.htm2.2 Kb26 Mar 2004
1194-how-to-make-hemp-oil-by-rick-simpson.pdf390.7 Kb11 Apr 2012
20 KHz Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Equipment For Drug Extraction.pdf7.3 Mb18 Mar 2014
2011-Rev Food US - US Sonochem.pdf2.4 Mb14 Oct 2011
Advances in sonochemistry ... - T. J. Mason, Andreas Tiehm - Google Books.pdf11 Kb13 Oct 2011
Applied sonochemistry_ the uses of ... - T. J. Mason, J. Phillip Lorimer - G.pdf166.4 Kb13 Oct 2011
Cape Lavender_ Natural lavender products and essential oils.pdf1.3 Mb20 Aug 2012
Cavitus Technology Pty Ltd.pdf1.4 Mb02 Mar 2013
Chemat Pessac 2010.pdf6.8 Mb14 Oct 2011
Chemat_Ultrasound assisted extraction of food and natural products_Review.pdf3.9 Mb10 Aug 2016
Deviser Ultrasonic Extraction Machine.pdf179 Kb24 Jan 2014
DevourXVideosThe worlds leading fine grinding technology.pdf958.2 Kb14 Jun 2013
Edenlabs_brochure[2].cwk.pdf493.5 Kb15 Apr 2007
Gold extraction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.pdf119.2 Kb12 Oct 2011
http___www.edenlabs.org_Supercritical-extractions.pdf2 Mb09 Dec 2006 Kb20 Aug 2012
JOM-0302-35.pdf1.2 Mb06 Jun 2014
KERN-PATENT-PVDF-protection.PDF252.4 Kb18 Dec 2014
nano-particles-mixer-2.pdf718.9 Kb31 May 2013
Nikoloski - 7th Mill Opr Conf 2000_SD_v1.pdf2.7 Mb03 Jun 2013
Power Ultrasound for the Improvement of Juices & Smoothies.pdf42.6 Kb19 May 2014
Proizvodnja-etericnih-ulja-i-cajeva.pdf179.5 Kb20 Aug 2012
Red Mud_economics of.pdf432.3 Kb27 May 2014
Red-mud+Scandium.pdf369.4 Kb06 Jun 2014
Rick-Simpson-canabis-oil.pdf132.8 Kb11 Apr 2012
s.-gross-ultrazvuk-i-nove-spoznaje-o-djelovanju-masline-na-rak.pdf1.6 Mb04 Oct 2020
Scandium Alloys.pdf72.9 Kb06 Jun 2014
Sonication of Wine – Innovative Applications of Ultrasound in Wineries.pdf69.9 Kb19 May 2014
Sonication of Wine – Innovative Applications of Ultrasound in Wineries-.PDF68.4 Kb19 May 2014
Sonication of Wine – Innovative Applications of Ultrasound in Wineries-0.PDF68.9 Kb19 May 2014
Sonochemistry_by Timothy Mason.pdf7.3 Mb15 Aug 2012
SPX_InnovationCentre_EMEA brochure.pdf6.6 Mb20 Jan 2014
summary-oil-wells-optimization.pdf363.6 Kb07 Jul 2010
UEM-M Biological experimental procedure.pdf48.7 Kb28 Jan 2014
Ultrasonic Cavitation in Liquids.pdf63.5 Kb19 May 2014
Ultrasonic Dispersing and Deagglomeration.pdf130.9 Kb19 May 2014
Ultrasonic Extraction and Preservation.pdf63.4 Kb19 May 2014
Ultrasonic Lysis_ Cell Disruption & Extraction.pdf251.4 Kb19 May 2014
Ultrasonically Assisted Saffron Extraction.pdf61.8 Kb19 May 2014
Ultrasonically-assisted-extractions.pdf343.3 Kb16 Aug 2012
Ultrasonics in Vinegar Manufacturing and Aging.pdf74.5 Kb19 May 2014
Uranium Extraction from Seawater Takes a Major Step Forward - Scientific American.pdf551.6 Kb08 Jul 2016
VialTweeter - Intensive Sonication Small Volumes.pdf121.4 Kb01 Feb 2013
Water-&-Oil Wells-Ultrasonic-Cleaning.pdf44.9 Mb30 Jul 2010 Mb14 Apr 2007
Red Mud_economics of.ppt273.5 Kb25 Aug 2011
Sherritt-Technologies-Refractory-Gold.pdf648.4 Kb07 Dec 2021

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